2016… Biggest year since the launch?

2016 was the biggest year for the Hedgehog Golf Company to date - an already highly successful proven product used by the majority of clubs and golfers throughout the UK and beyond, however it was clear that something needed to be done to push on to the next level so in August/September a meeting was held between and a total shake up and restructure of the company was agreed upon.

This brought some big changes in the approach of the company, making it more customer centric but with increasing focus on updating the whole customer experience; whether an individual golfer, a golf club or a distributor, and a new company vision was born, “Lets be pro-active! Lets be positive! And above all make sure our customers get the best quality product and service that we are able to provide.”.

After all, the reason the Hedgehog Fairway protector was invented, was because the inventors were fed up not being able to play their favourite sport all year round - as they couldn’t carry a full bag for 18 holes and most courses would inevitably ban trolleys at some point. Lo, the Hedgehog was born. The Hedgehog golf company has now gone back to this original concept and are keen to make the inventors dream a reality, “Let’s make trolley bans a thing of the past!”

So the company decided to take everything back in hand, and when I say everything I mean exactly that - all sales, stock control, customer services - even so far as to have its own warehouse, new staff and new sales and marketing offices - quite simply it was like waking a sleeping tiger (Hedgehog doesn’t have the same affect), and since then, with a little hard work and dedication there have been a record number of new clubs adopting the Hedgehog philosophy, including a new relationship with Foremost golf (the largest golf on line retailer and owner of 950 shops across the UK), and not to be forgotten a reaching out to our loyal existing customer database.

To be honest even in our most positive predictions we couldn’t of imagined the success we have had over such a short period of time, so the thoughts then turned to 2017 how can we continue to maximise this momentum that we have built?... like a bolt from the blue why not try some kind of marketing?,… you have to keep in mind that the last marketing of any kind was way back in 2009 when the Hedgehog was first invented and featured on BBC local news https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ND1Fth56bFk

It became glaringly obvious that something new was required, something slick & dynamic which would remind people of the benefits to the course and to the individual as well as demonstrate the benefits to a whole new generation of golfers who might not be aware of the validity of the Hedgehogs not forgetting that this generation demand everything at the touch of a button or swipe of a screen. Whilst researching the options for the promotional material we also discovered the existing independent research which actually found other benefits which were not mentioned during the original marketing for example the 25% less effort required to push or pull your trolley once Hedgehogs have been fitted, the 30% extension of battery life when fitted and the dramatic reduction on course damage when fitted on frozen frost covered ground.

So, our new approach for 2017 is based around open communication, being there for our customers, bringing the company right up to date in the modern era and above all to always be approachable and make sure that we provide customer service that is as good as the product itself.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating or so they say so now hopefully the customer experience should be much smoother, much easier and above all, a better more thorough service but we will let you be the judges of that.

Please read on for a review of our first day filming for over a decade….

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