Electric Wheel Kits

We are very pleased to announce the arrival of the Electric Trolley Conversion Kits.

The initial kits are designed for Powakaddy Freeway, Hillbilly and Motocaddy models. We also supply wheels for Powerbug Trolleys (click logo below to go to the official Powerbug website).

Denis Lantsbury (Technical Director) said "With most electric trolleys the problem has always been the small front wheel, we at The Hedgehog Golf Company have been working hard over the last year or so to give the golfer and the Golf Clubs what they have been constantly asking for".

The Hedgehog Golf Company is fully aware of the dozens of different electric trolleys on the market and all with different wheel fixings etc, so to date we cannot guarantee any of the above will fit, other than the ones previously stated.

However the design team is looking to overcome this within the next few months with a universal kit which they hope will suit most of the lesser known makes. 


The Hedgehog Conversion Kits are simple to fix and come boxed complete.

Please note that the Hedgehog™ Electric Fairway Kits are not authorised products by Powakaddy International Ltd (including HillBilly™) or Motocaddy Limited and therefore not warranted by these companies as an authorised product.


The Hedgehog™ Electric Fairway Kits are produced by Hedgehog Golf Co Ltd and is not approved or warranted by any other third party manufacturer or seller of Electric golf carts.

“Having worked in the golf industry for over 20 years, and faced the annual frustration of the Winter golfer, both on the front line in the Pro Shop and latterly in the Management Office, the advent of the Hedgehog has been a revelation in providing a Winter trolley solution for all.


I was delighted to have been involved with the Hedgehog company when they first trialled the product a few years back, and am particularly delighted now when I see the impact their products have had in keeping all parties happy – the golfers, the operations staff and the greenkeepers!”

Andy McNiven General Manager

Slinfold Golf & Country Club

Billingshurst, West Sussex